The 8th Annual Chili and Soup cook-off sponsored by our 9th grade Confirmation candidates was a great success! There were 15 delicious entries tasted by over 100 guests. The Grade 9 confirmation students provided the fantastic desserts and were the servers and crew for the event. Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in the cookoff. A special thank you to Jenn Murphy for overseeing this event and to all our fabulous chefs.

Chili Division:

1st place: Joe Harnois with his Super Bowl Chili
2nd place: Maddie and Jim Murphy with their M.A.D. Dog Chili
3rd place: tied between the Solorzano Family’s Solo Chili and Luke Buckley’s St. Luke’s Chili.

Soup Division:

1st place: Cora and John Grace with their Chicken Pot Pie Chowdah
2nd place: Jerry Williams BBQ Bacon Meatball Soup
3rd place: Rico Pasquale’s Brisket Beef Stew and Smoked BBQ Chicken Noodle Soup.

Because of your generosity, we collected $812.00. This money will be donated to a parish charity.