Every so often it’s good to be reminded of the importance of not only attending Mass but also the manner in which we attend. Are we rushed in getting here, making it difficult for us to enter into the beauty of what God is offering in the Sacrifice of the Mass? Are we distracted by leaving our phones on, anticipating a call or message? Are we in a hurry to leave? There are some folks who have made it a habit of leaving right after Holy Communion.

There may be some times when this is a genuine need but it should never be a habit. Some folks leave and stay talking in the parking lot which truly interrupts the “Communion” Jesus gives to us in His Eucharist, which we have just received. It’s wonderful to see so man good people and families attending Mass here at St. Ann’s. It truly is a faith-filled and welcoming parish. Together, let us be more attentive to how we worship our Lord.